Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Love Or Nothing: The Refugee Fallacy

I've "debated" the refugee situation, these past few days on Facebook. Despite my very clearly expressed views, I'm accused of many things.

Here's what I've learned:

Because I don't agree with the government's plan to cram tens of thousands of refugees, unvetted, unidentifiable and unknown, into planes to be on Canadian soil by the end of the year (Happy New Year, Canada!), I must be some sort of animal.

I mean, really. How can I be so unloving? How can I have no compassion or basic human decency? How can I have no humanity at all?

I'm told, in people's attitudes, "if you're not with us, you're against us." It has to be all or nothing. I have to be filled with love and compassion OR I have to oppose the whole thing. There's no middle ground.

And besides, this isn't a political discussion, it's one of HUMANITY. LOVE. COMPASSION.

Well, no, you're wrong: this is very much a political discussion. Why?

  • Because political revolves around policy. And it's this fledgling government's policy to rush these people to our shores.
  • Because it's the politicians who have declared their plan, doubled down, tripled down, locked it in.
  • Because it is something that affects every single last one of us, which is - essentially - what "politics" comprises.

Here's the definition:

Is this issue one that is:
  • associated with the governance of a country or other area?
  • the activities of governments concerning the political relations between countries?
  • the subject of academic study of government and the state?

Yes, yes, and yes.

So if you're not ready to discuss the politics of this issue, you're not really prepared for a discussion. You'd prefer to drop rainbows and cookies on everyone and walk away without acknowledging the reality or the facts.
 And if you're stating your view ("it's about love" or "it's about humanity"), without taking into account the reasons everyone disagreeing with you ARE disagreeing? Again, you're not ready to discuss it.

Here's the thing: love, compassion, humanity - none of those is our government's job to instill or foster, and none of those is a reason to vote for any particular person or policy. They're emotions, people. Not the thinking behind any major decision. And they must be put aside in any issue this important. This is where facts are crucial, critical thinking imperative, and the uninformed, or low-informed, need not apply.

 I've defended myself on Facebook (I do that a lot - it's the price of being a Truth Warrior), and if people wanted to be honest, they'd know their accusations (that I have no heart, or compassion, or humanity because I don't want refugees here) are fabricated from their own inferences.

I've never said it. I never will. Refugees are a problem every country has, and will be faced with, and I'm not personally adverse to Canada welcoming those downtrodden.
But that's not why I'm opposed, and again, people who aren't honest with themselves can talk themselves into making me out to be a bad guy all they want. It's their way of making themselves feel better for not facing the truth - either about me, or the issue at hand.

I look at the USA's plan to bring in 10,000 within a couple of years; even that, the FBI is saying, is a security risk.

I actually quoted 0bama (yeah, don't hold it against me) when I saw this in an article:
Defending his administration's screening program, Obama said it takes 18 to 24 months to clear a refugee for entry, following vetting by the U.S. intelligence community and other agencies...
18-24 months...and our government wants to do this whole thing - from soup to nuts - in 45 days??

Look, ISIS has threatened to hide its fighters among refugees. It's been said, and they've carried it out in Europe already.

At what point do we actually believe what they're telling us? Especially after they prove that they mean what they say?

So, are my concerns that outlandish? Are they that unfounded? Are they ridiculous and baseless?

Oh, and they're not just my concerns. Even those who voted Liberal are expressing their concerns - and disappointment with a PM who would rather take selfies and stick by a campaign promise despite its inherent recklessness than be smart and keep Canada safe. Then again, he also stated outright that he believes terrorists deserve Canadian citizenship.

Here's what I've found:

Leftists who question me don't acknowledge my point of view. A typical exchange will begin with my response to someone asking the ubiquitous question: "what about love? Where's the love?"

And my response will usually be an encapsulation of what I've written here. That it isn't about the human suffering at all, it's about preventing more by ensuring there are no wolves among the lambs. That I don't oppose refugees, I just oppose the timeline, the number, and the plan (or lack thereof - today it was reported that the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees has no idea what Ottawa's plan is; they've been kept in the dark. Transparency much, Mr. Trudeau?).

My response will reiterate that I'm not blind to the desperate innocents fleeing terror but I'm also not tone deaf to current events and how we could easily see a repeat of Paris 13/11/2015 here in Canada if unvetted hordes are dropped in overnight.

And then I'll get the usual, "I'm not into politics, just into humanity." Or something like that (from those, ironically, who seemed to be very much into politics when advocating for "anyone but Harper" during the fall election campaign but have returned to their regular apolitical social media activity - oh, except for this).

You who want to link arms and sing "kumbayah" while hugging the newly arrived masses among us don't realize that you, too, would be in the crosshairs of any terrorist's weapon; you, too, would be blown to pink mist in any suicide bombing; you, too, would be held hostage in any such situation. You could wave your peace sign all you want - but you would end up as dead as the rest of us who oppose terrorists on our shores.

You, too, are an infidel.

We all are. And my fear is not of some innocents needing refuge; it's of the murderous monsters injecting themselves among those innocents with the express plan to come here and cause as much harm, pain, and murder as they can.

So here's my proposal: don't accuse me of hatred, bigotry, racism (which is silly, as Syrians are not a race), or inhumanity. Don't question my compassion, my desire for peace, or my deep-seated quest for truth.

If you question me about my concern, be prepared to discuss the politics. Painting some utopian dream of rainbows, unicorns, and lollipops where we all live in peace and harmony and no one hates anyone is not going to win points. It's going to win bemused head-shaking acknowledgment of head-in-the-sand syndrome that is rampant these days.

I have no problem talking about my concerns but being accused of that which has no merit is what the liberal left does well; thing is, the conservative right does Truth better than wild accusations, and Truth wins every time.

It isn't "Love or Nothing". It's calm, careful, judicious awareness of a potentially deadly situation that won't go away once it's here. It won't be easily caught, and we can't deal with it once they're settled; if they're here, they're our problem, and if you don't own that, you are expecting that which no one can deliver.

I'm happy to accept responsibility for good old-fashioned Canadian values of open doors and respect. But you have to accept responsibility for the consequences of reckless open doors and blind, one-way respect; because the people who could well be waiting for their Canadian welcome won't respect you.

Even if you call for their "right" to be here.

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