Thursday, November 10, 2005

On Senior Bloggers

Very interesting headline - obviously blogging has created not only a wave but a stereotype. Take this story, for example: and check out the first line. Bloggers are typically "alienated adolescents and middle-aged pundits" - huh??

Obviously the stereotypes in our world still hit the extremes but with the blogging wave so strong and so popular, that description really surprised me. Blogs have been publicized so often and in such positive lights (the Iraq war bringing blogs to the forefront due to soldiers communicating this way; the hurricanes, mainly Katrina, bringing blogs to the forefront as "first-hand reporters" blogged their experiences - to name 2), the stereotypes have long since been banished.

But the story is interesting nonetheless. And I think it's written to not only show that blogging by seniors is breaking stereotypes but also that computer usage itself (especially the internet) is doing the same.

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