Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I've known Andy Nulman since 1990 - finding out my new husband was an old school friend of his had me starry-eyed...after all, Andy's the guy who began the Just for Laughs festival, meeting and bringing in celebrities for 2 weeks of summertime joy every year. I'd attended Just for Laughs before I had heard the name "Andy Nulman"! To be 1 degree of separation from this guy made me an instant groupie.

Ran into Andy one year when we'd gotten tickets at a charity auction, to sit in the outdoor courtesy tent (what its formal name was escapes me now), and watch one of the galas from there. When we arrived, Andy was hobnobbing and greeted us warmly. This was my first impression of him: an outgoing, jovial, popular and genuinely friendly guy. He immediately had us sit at a table with him and share a drink. When he found out what we were doing there, he wasted no time. He called over one of his lackeys (he probably didn't CALL them that - at least not to their faces) and had her arrange for seats inside the theater for us. We were able to take in the gala - with Dick Cavett and Kelsey Grammar, no less! - from the 2nd row of the theater, and I was more starry-eyed than ever!

But it didn't stop there. Andy invited us to the closing party at the Delta hotel, where I actually rubbed elbows with Kelsey Grammar (okay, we were crammed in line waiting for our food at the buffet and my elbow sort of brushed his). It was one of the most seriously cool nights I'd spent in a long time.

Andy takes initiative to bring people together, not just at the big parties, but smaller ones too. A co-creator of the every-five-years gathering of his youth/childhood friends, he sends some of the most entertaining emails bringing news and details of the gathering to an ever-growing list of people. I only wish he'd let spouses join the party. *sighhhhhs*

Perhaps, as compensation for my being abandoned --- I mean, left alone with kids for a weekend every 5 years, I can finagle a copy of his new book, Pow! Right Between The Eyes! After all, he is a newly published author and I can redefine my groupiness; after all, he's joining the world of literati...

So whatcha say, Andy?

(the rest of you guys can find the book and a link here.

Seriously, Andy, I wish you well - and if I do score a copy of the book - will you autograph it for me?

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Andy said...

Yours happily...as long as you send me your address, Lissa!