Wednesday, October 14, 2015

My Facebook Acquaintances Frighten Me

There are some of you who will read this who actually frighten me.

Not many things frighten me. Bugs do. Spiders. Bees terrify me. Thunderstorms are a fear I've never conquered.

But you frighten me most of all.

Because your anti-Stephen Harper hatred has the ability to throw this country I love into chaos and turmoil.

For you, voting is about exercising your right to hate, not your right to change things.

How do I know that? You've basically said it.

"Vote anyone but Harper this election" - how ignorant a comment that is! There are many, many candidates in this election. You may not live in Quebec, but if you did, would voting Bloc Qu├ębecois suit your needs as long as it brought down the Conservatives? Would breaking up the country be fine as long as Stephen Harper were voted out?

See why that's frightening?

What about the Communist Party? Is that okay to vote, because it's "anyone but Harper"? Would living under State-mandated law be fine because it's not Conservative?

Would you be happy with families relegated to only one child because the rule of their dictator states that?

Or being thrown in prison for just wearing the wrong color? Or being interrogated for no reason whatsoever?

(I know, some of you will throw Law C-51 at me, with the accusations that the law allows that kind of thing - my suggestion to you is GET INFORMED)

There are many movements this election calling for the cutesy "ABC" - Anyone But Conservative.

But very few of them know why. Or what the "A" will mean.

Change for its own sake, with absolutely no concrete knowledge of what the change may be or how it may affect this country, is all people keep pushing. With no understanding of the underlying, massive consequences of change.

And that danger, that ignorance, that HATRED without a concrete reason...

That's why you frighten me.

There are many of you who spew the rhetoric. And I've challenged many on Facebook to come out and debate it with me. You want to talk about "how Harper has screwed up Canada"? Then bring a gun to a gun fight, not a rubber spatula.

Spewing talking points, vague nonsense and pure hatred is exactly what negative people do.

But I find VERY few of you who stand FOR something.

And that's not only frightening, that is a tragic state of affairs.

You aren't standing up for the leader you believe in - you're standing against a Leader you don't like personally.

Shallow much?

I'm reminded of a great Statesman, Alexander Hamilton:

Those who stand for nothing fall for anything.

And those of you to whom I'm referring are not standing for anything; you are falling for everything.

Justin Trudeau is not ready. And while that's been said, his gaffes have proven that over and over. Add to that the fact that he supports the disastrous Iran deal struck by the USA, as a Jew I am flabbergasted and repulsed. As world citizens, we should ALL be outraged by the implications.

His latest "promise" is to "tell Putin off to his face" - not only is that utterly laughable, he ridiculed Stephen Harper for doing the same thing. Only when Harper did it (telling Putin he would shake hands but that the latter has to get out of Ukraine), he did it the way gentlemen with principles do.

Running the country at a deficit for 3 years - promising to do so - as well as scoffing at the tax cuts Stephen Harper put in place for families - shows that Trudeau (living his silver-spooned lavish life) doesn't have Canada's best interests at heart.

NDP's Tom Mulcair is as socialist as they come; the NDP has always been a socialist party, but Mulcair has ratcheted that up with promises to rescind the tax cuts, raise taxes exorbitantly high, and spend, spend, spend. In order to spend, he has to have the money and the only way to do that is to tax Canadians till it hurts.

He also refuses to name Islamic extremism - especially in the face of last year's attacks on Canada by two radicalized terrorists.

Another blind, ill-equipped big spender of our money.


But no one has come up with good reasons to support these candidates. I, on the other hand, have spent the past year offering proof of Stephen Harper's track record when it comes to the interests of Canadians.  And will gladly offer it again.

I find many of his detractors don't have families - so the family income splitting, child tax benefits, family leave benefits don't resonate with them.

Some of his haters don't work at regular jobs, so they not only don't care about the paycheck taxes Trudeau is promising, they WANT the social programs to keep them afloat. Free stuff!

I just find it discouraging that those who are denouncing Harper are promoting no one but this vague "change" and "Anyone Else" they seem to feel is the answer. I find it discouraging that people whose priorities year round are food pictures, animal photos, celebrities and travelogues suddenly find a political voice - and it is used to say nothing positive, only negative. Nothing pro. Just anti.

Those of you who stand for nothing are falling for anything.

And it makes me sad to see how gullible Canadians are. We've seen the destruction of America across the border due to the promises of Empty Suit Obama. I pray we don't end up with the same kind of turmoil here due to low-informed haters voting in the wrong party come next Monday.

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